xypex Vinhome Ba Son Golden River - Phase 1

Dự Án Vinhome Ba Son Golden River, Giai Đọan 1

Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

Một lần nữa Xypex đã được nhà thầu Bachy Soletanche Vietnam chọn cung cấp vật tư và hướng dẫn kỹ thuật để sửa chữa các vết nối và ngăn thấm vào cốt thép của tường chặn. Do công trình xây dựng trên nền khu Nhà máy đóng tàu Ba Son nằm bên sông Sàigòn, nhà thầu chính Hoa Binh Construction quyết định chọn Xypex để chống thấm 12,000 m2 tầng hầm cho 6 tòa nhà trong giai đọan 1. Các hình bên cạnh lấy từ website của Vinhome với duy nhất mục đích tham khảo. Hình thật từ dự án sẽ được cập nhật tiếp.

  • whitepaper precast

    Protecting Precast Sewage Structures with Crystalline Technology

    Both physical damage and chemical attack of concrete in sewage and septic systems is possible. However, chemical attack is much more prevalent and has two primary causes: acid attack and sulfate attack. In the wastewater industry, the acid attack mechanism is normally referred to as Microbial Induced Corrosion (MIC) – a process in which sulfides in the waste water stream are transformed by biological reactions into sulfuric acid. The sulfur compounds produced by this reaction penetrate the concrete substrate helping to initiate sulfate attack.
  • whitepaper elevator

    Elevator Pit Waterproofing with Crystalline Technology

    Elevator pits—the concrete boxes that sit at the bottom of the shaft below the elevator cars—are a simple structural system but can be highly susceptible to water intrusion, which will directly affect the structural and mechanical integrity of the elevator system. The following whitepaper evaluates various elevator pit waterproofing methods based on their reliability, accessibility and long-term durability. Particular emphasis is placed on crystalline waterproofing and its application as a long-term solution in new construction and remedial repair techniques for existing elevator pits.
  • whitepaper chloride

    Sustainability of Concrete Structures with Crystalline Technology

    The sustainability of a concrete structure is inextricably tied to both its strength and durability and can be defined as environmental impact over lifetime performance. By increasing the performance of concrete and its service life and decreasing its environmental impact the sustainability of a concrete structure will be increased.

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