rod el axis bridge

Rod el Farag Axis Bridge

More than one million cubic meters of concrete was used to build the bridge, which was used in the bridge decking, girders, and six 92 m (302 ft) tall concrete towers that support 160 steel support cables. One of the key challenges for the bridge designers was how to adequately protect the critical concrete structures from the effects of air pollution and the moist riverine environment.
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    Rod el Farag Axis Bridge

    Cairo The 1,000 kilos of Xypex Concentrate required for the Rod el Farag Axis Bridge project were provided by the Xypex distributor for Egypt, Beton Alexco, of Alexandria, Egypt. It took the Arab Contractors crew just 24 hours to treat the six main columns of the Rod el Farag Axis Bridge with Xypex Concentrate. The huge towers support 160 separate steel cables, requiring 1,500 km (870 miles) of steel wire. The towers are built on more than 6,000 pilings.

    “The Xypex Concentrate will provide protection for this historic bridge for the lifetime of the structure without any further maintenance or renewal,” says Amr Saad. “Our market here in Egypt is gradually growing to understand the difference that Xypex crystallization technology provides. No other product on the market has the proven experience and research results that we do. When customers want the best, they come to us.”
    Wastewater Collection & Treatment

    Shebin El Koum Sewage Station

    Cairo The concrete in this major wastewater treatment plant of 35,000 m2 was waterproofed and protected with Xypex products.


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