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Great Ormond Street Hospital


This was part of an integrated waterproofing approach and a change to the original specification. Furthermore, Xypex was chosen to help speed up the construction process. As a consequence, a cost saving was also achieved. Its proven reliability was another benefit, giving reassurance that it would provide effective, long term protection. Xypex Admix C-Series was used in the capping beam, top layer of the basement slab as a monolithic pour and in the intermediate slab perimeter. As a result, a Grade 3 (BS 8102:2009) environment was achieved.

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    General Construction Foundation

    5 Broadgate

    London Three, four and six Broadgate were demolished to allow for construction of a 12-storey office building with two basement floors that will deliver state of the art trading facilities. Xypex was selected to replace the specified external membrane. The main reason for this change to the specification was to simplify and speed up the construction process, and reduce cost. Xypex Admix was used in the capping beam, basement walls and as a topping on the basement slab to ensure the double story basement remains totally dry. Not all walls are lined, so detailing needed to be created to manage and withhold the flow of water laterally where Xypex withheld the hydrostatic pressure.
    General Construction Foundation

    60 Holborn Viaduct

    London This scheme comprised of basement, ground and 8 upper floors for office use including reconstruction of The Gatehouse will be built to the highest technical specification. Xypex Admix has once again successfully been used in this project as the sole barrier to water ingress. The basement is in the entire footprint of the site and Xypex was selected to replace the specified membrane. Part of the decision to use Xypex Admix was due to its ability to be used in concrete mixes which have a high blended cement content. Xypex is in the entire basement slab, walls and capping beam as well as the lower sections of the slip formed core which is part of the external concrete wall.

    88 Wood Street Tunnel

    London The joints of the pre-cast unit and the basement core on level 4 of this service tunnel suffered water ingress. During the repair of the tunnel, water ingress measured 3,500 litres/hour and the entire area was under 44 mm of water during the rainy season. All joints were treated with Xypex Patch'n Plug, Dry-Pac and FCM. Xypex Admix C-1000 NF was then used in the new concrete fill.
    Water Holding Structures

    Aqualibrium Centre

    Campbel Town The Aqualibrium replaced the town’s old swimming pool, which had closed its doors some years earlier. Xypex Admix was the chosen waterproofing solution for the main 25 x 13 metre pool and the associated balance tanks. Being a community project it was part funded by the European Regional Development under the Highlands and Islands Transitional Programme, as well as funds from Sport Scotland Lottery Fund Sports Facilities. This meant getting value for money was an important part of the selection process for the waterproofing. Xypex Admix brought value engineering options that maximised protection but minimised time on site and material costs.
    Power & Utilities

    Barlockart Wind Farm

    Dumfries & Galloway Xypex Admix was specified by the design engineers as the stand-alone waterproof solution for the plant rooms, and plant room service tunnel to completely seal the concrete to ingress of water and aggressive ground contaminants that could corrode the reinforcing steel.
    Water Holding Structures

    Bolton One

    Bolton Due to its self-healing properties Xypex Admix was a requested specification change for waterproofing the suspended first floor hydrotherapy pool shell. Xypex Admix was also used to waterproof the main swimming pool shell and balance tanks, with Xypex Concentrate ensuring water tightness at the joints. Because Xypex can be post applied it was also used in the form of Patch’n Plug and Megamix I to remedially waterproof overflow channels that had been placed in a mixture of substrates including block work and mortar.
    General Construction Foundation

    Brighton Station Car Park

    Brighton Work started on site in June 2004, and one of the first structures to be built was this two-storey car park for Network Rail. The construction of the upper deck was pre cast concrete planks supported by a steel frame – some of the planks spanned up to 14 metres with a concrete topped wearing coarse. Ultimately this concrete topping wearing coarse had to be directly lined. To ensure there was no water penetration from the upper deck on the parked cars below, Xypex was selected to provide a solution utilising Admix to waterproof the 150 mm thick in situ concrete topping to the pre cast concrete planks. The Xypex Crystalline Technology has the ability to self heal hairline cracks, therefore it is more suitable for this type of installation rather than pore blocking additives.
    General Construction Foundation

    Cala Homes – Tunbridge Wells

    Tunbridge Wells 1,200 m3 of concrete dosed with 6,100 kg of Xypex Admix C-1000 NF was applied to the parking structure under this new residential complex. 1,500 kg of Xypex Concentrate was applied to the joints.
    Power & Utilities

    Cottam Power Station

    Nottinghamshire As part of the power upgrade, a 12 m deep Coffer Dam was constructed in 2004. Cottam Power Station is located near Retford in Nottinghamshire and is adjacent to the River Trent, meaning that the upgrade works had to withstand a 6 metre hydrostatic head of pressure. The slab was designed and cast utilising Xypex Admix, which not only waterproofs but also enhances the durability of the concrete.
    General Construction Foundation

    Eagle House

    London The client and engineer utilised Xypex Admix and Concentrate within its basement slab, walls and first floor podium courtyard area to achieve a totally waterproof structure. After many years standing as a skeletal structure on the London ring road, this development is being completed. The Xypex crystalline structure enables additional Xypex waterproofing to be added at a later date with full integration with the earlier elements, extending the crystalline membrane.
    General Construction Foundation

    Eardley Hotel

    Worthing, West Sussex The Eardley Hotel has a elegant collection of 2 and 3 bedroom luxury apartments on Worthing seafront. Used in this project to exclude and retain water, Xypex has been used exclusively within the basement to resist the tidal waters of the Channel. The ground floor slab of the front gardens is cast using Xypex Admix to protect against standing water. The swimming pool housed within the basement area is cast using Xypex Admix and then further rendered with Xypex Megamix to keep the continuity of the Xypex crystalline structure prior to final tiling.
    Water Holding Structures

    Erdington Water Reservoir

    Birmingham A total of 580 columns were treated with Xypex Concentrate and Modified at this 60-year-old potable water reservoir near Birmingham. Each column has a surface area of 12 m2 (129 sq. ft.). The photograph at the top shows a spray application on the first coat in progress, while the photograph at the bottom shows a treated column soon after the Xypex application.
    General Construction Foundation

    Fawkon Walk

    Hoddesdon Xypex Admix and Concentrate were used to waterproof and protect the basement car park of this mixed used development. Xypex Admix C-1000 NF was added to the concrete piled wall to create a complete waterproof barrier prior to the soil being excavated. This went against the original decision to erect a liner wall against the piles. The slab was also poured using Xypex Admix C-1000 NF and was jointed into the piled wall. The decision to leave the piles “fair face” meant they needed to be watertight; therefore Xypex Admix was chosen as the solution because of the unique ability to grow crystals. The Xypex solution created a completely dry basement against two meters of hydrostatic pressure. Xypex was also used as a remedial product to repair leaks in cracked concrete that had developed under the external walkway between the flats. Xypex standard crack/joint repair was used for this.
    General Construction Foundation

    Goodman’s Fields

    London This 7-acre development located in the heart of the city will comprise of 700 residential units over four blocks. A 250 bedroom hotel, swimming pool and ground floor commercial and leisure units. The 252 car parking spaces will be incorporated in a 18,447 m2 basement. This unique development will have a 24 hour concierge service with 2 acres of landscaped gardens providing a truly stunning environment for modern city living with transport links to match with Canary Wharf, The Docklands and South Bank nearby. Xypex was specified by the consultant engineer to give protection to this massive basement. Used within the pile capping beam for the entire perimeter of the basement, as well as the walls and slabs. Xypex was the ideal selection as the Xypex structure within the concrete means that a continuous crystalline ‘membrane’ can be maintained even though the the basement sections will be cast at different times. So far the entire capping beam, north west block basement and energy centre have been cast using Xypex Admix in the concrete and Concentrate within the joints.
    General Construction Foundation

    Grand Ocean Hotel Apartments

    Saltdean The Ocean Hotel in Saltdean East Sussex is an iconic building in the coastal town. In 1999, the building was listed by English Heritage and in 2007 work started on this project to convert this magnificent art-deco building into 279 luxury apartments. Xypex materials were specified in this design and build project and used in its transformation. Xypex is utilized to waterproof the retaining walls and slabs of the ‘under-croft’ areas.
    General Construction Foundation

    Grange Hotel

    London The whole basement area, including the sauna and pool facilities, used in excess of 1,300 m3 of concrete containing Xypex Admix. Where there were thick upstands (in excess of one metre thick) Xypex’s ability to be applied as a coating system, as well as an Admix, came into its own as these areas were poured in “plain” concrete and coated afterwards at a time to suit the program. This meant that all of the waterproofing was a Xypex solution despite it being applied in different ways to control cost and time and meant all the waterproofing could be covered under a single warranty.
    General Construction Foundation

    Hadrian House

    Newcastle-Upton-Tyne The roof, which is also a busy walkway between two areas of the city of Newcastle, has over 300 linear metres of movement joints and it was these that had failed. The specification called for the removal of the existing movement joint, then the application of a bespoke, project-specific, Xypex joint repair.

    Xypex Concentrate Dry-Pac and a Xypex Concentrate slurry coat were utilised before Xypex FCM was applied as a final coat to facilitate some movement at the joints without the risk of further water ingress.

    Heathrow Airport – Terminal 5

    Hounslow A combination of Xypex products was used to repair and waterproof the main service tunnel connecting Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport with other terminals. Repairs with Xypex Concentrate and Patch’n Plug were so successful that Xypex Admix was specified on all remaining cast-in-place concrete. Over 5 tonnes of Xypex Admix C-1000 NF has been used to date on this project.
    General Construction Foundation

    Highams Park

    Chingford This fantastic 11.2 acre regeneration scheme in Chingford, North London, includes 37,000 sq. ft. Tesco superstore, 24 private sale apartments and business units, was completed in September 2012. The first phase of the development was the basement car park for the Tesco store, the slab was cast against sheet piles. An external suspended service yard was built above this basement car park. The second phase consisted of the residential basement. Xypex admixture was used to minimise time on site as it has no limitations on pore size.
    General Construction Foundation

    Lanthwaite House

    Buttermere This luxury, state of the art, residential home in the beautiful but very wet Lake District, has a large habitable basement with an indoor swimming pool, changing rooms, and cinema room. Xypex Admix was used in over 1,200 m2 of waterproof concrete in the basement slab, walls, the indoor swimming pool shell and accompanying balance tanks that are all located in the basement. Additionally, Xypex Patch'n Plug and Concentrate were used to seal the 21 cored penetrations in the pool shell, which house the underwater lights.
    General Construction Foundation

    Moorgate Exchange

    London Moorgate Exchange is a striking 344,000 sq. ft. building in the City of London. This commercial development has a green roof, strategic views of St. Paul’s and a two-storey basement. Designed for large city occupiers, the building creates open plan floor plates and six green-terraced stepped back roof garden tiers. Floating on V columns, it is designed to cantilever the floors over the Crossrail tunnel beneath. Materials with sustainable properties, such as recycled aggregates in the concrete, were used in the construction process. Recycled rainwater and grey water storage systems have been installed to reduce the amount of potable water used in the toilets and the irrigation system for the ‘living’ walls on the terraces. The building is one of the first in the UK to achieve both BREEAM Excellent and LEED Platinum ratings. 

    This Skanska project is an excellent example of how Xypex Admix can be used to simplify the production process of waterproofing and concreting—both to be achieved simultaneously. One of the key influences for the decision making process of adopting the Xypex system as the waterproofing strategy was the total cost saving that was achieved through the whole package. Site attendance and quality assurance procedures were implemented to ensure a trouble-free installation of the waterproofing. The entire basement is cast utilising Xypex Admix and Xypex Concentrate for sealing the joints.
    Water Holding Structures

    Mountbatten Leisure Centre

    Portsmouth Xypex Admix was used within the concrete and Xypex Concentrate in the joints to waterproof the ‘boom-pit’ of this 50 m swimming pool. The main concrete slab that the stainless steel pool liner sits on was specified without any additional waterproofing, however, there were both cracks and joints that leaked. These were repaired utilising Xypex Patch’n Plug and Concentrate, rendering the slab totally dry. Once the facility was opened, a build up of water in the surrounding Alexandra Park produced leaks in the block-work & concrete retaining walls. These have been repaired using Xypex Concentrate, Patch’n Plug and Megamix I.
    General Construction Foundation

    New River Village

    Hornsey The site had become redundant as a result of the construction of the new Thames Water Ring Main, but is located in an extremely wet site being adjacent to the New River and reservoir, so a complete waterproofing solution of the substructure was paramount. Concrete containing Xypex Admix C-1000 NF was specified by the structural engineer. Its self-healing nature was considered as the best solution to withhold the natural hydrostatic pressure from the local bodies of water. Along with the Admix C-1000 NF in the in situ cast concrete, the Xypex Concentrate product was also specified within all the construction joints to ensure continuous, seamless waterproofing throughout the structure.
    General Construction Foundation

    North Staffordshire PFI Hospital - Phase 1 & 2

    Stoke-On-Trent Xypex Admix was chosen as it was the only solution that could meet the clients’ criteria, whilst allowing the contractor to pour the concrete in sufficient quantities to meet the programme deadline and ensure cost efficiency. One area of the O+M block is a radiology area, with a concrete thickness up to 1.5 m. Because Xypex Admix minimised thermal cracking, both the walls and slab were poured in Xypex Admix waterproof concrete. The walls were constructed using a RC liner wall (minimum 175 mm thick) in front of a contiguous piled wall. Within the DTC, Xypex Admix, along with Xypex Concentrate at the joints, was the solution to providing a totally waterproof environment within the kitchens. Approximately 7 m high walls and a 4 m wide section of the slab directly underneath the wall, including a thickening to provide additional support to the retaining walls, were cast in a C40 concrete containing Xypex Admix.
    General Construction Foundation

    North Staffordshire PFI Hospital - Phase 3

    Stoke-On-Trent All the M+E network of cables and pipes are located in underground tunnels across the site, so it was necessary to construct a 250 m long tunnel to link the new CSSD block above, to the existing network of tunnels. To enable these tunnels to be constructed within a short time frame, the contractor used the twin wall system by Kerkstoel. To ensure the structures waterproof integrity, Xypex Admix waterproof concrete was used for the 160 mm thick ‘infill’ core contained between the pre cast panels. Xypex Admix was also used for the in situ slab and roof. Project specific joints were detailed which utilised Xypex Concentrate as both a slurry coat and a dry-pac, to ensure the waterproofing integrity was complete. In addition, repairs were carried out in numerous areas of the existing tunnel network where Xypex Admix hadn’t been used. Materials utilised include Xypex Patch'n Plug and Xypex Concentrate.
    Water Holding Structures

    Norton House Hotel

    Edinburgh This 4-star hotel set in 55 acres of Parkland was originally built in 1840 and was bought by John Usher of the famous Scottish brewing family in 1883. ‘Hand Picked Hotels’ undertook a large refurbishment of the hotel, included extending the facilities underground. Having used the Xypex waterproofing system previously the consultant engineers asked if the system would be able to completely waterproof the substructure that was to be constructed with in situ reinforced concrete, including the extensive leisure facilities and the swimming pool.
    General Construction Foundation


    Liverpool As a part of Liverpool’s city centre regeneration, the new 12-storey Novotel sits close to the river Mersey looking over the cutting edge designs of Liverpool’s ‘new’ Paradise Street development.With over 1,400 m2 of waterproofing requirements against hydrostatic pressure, Xypex Admix protects the power floated slabs in the plant room and car park, along with all the in situ basement walls. Additionally, Xypex Admix was used to waterpiroof the sprayed concrete swimming pool shell of the hotels leisure facility.
    General Construction Foundation

    One Hyde Park

    London Tagged as “the most luxurious address in London”, this prestigious project on the site of the old Bowater House is within the heart of exclusive Knightsbridge in London. Xypex Admix was chosen by the contractors as soon as they had won this project as the complete “one-stop shop” waterproofing solution on the many different areas within this structure. Xypex Admix is the most widely used waterproofing product in the structure as it was able to speed up production processes and simplify the specified waterproofing solution. Top-down Construction was decided upon due to the nature of the project, so Xypex was initially used in the podium deck to waterproof and protect the work being undertaken below. 

    Xypex is a permanent solution that becomes an integral part of the substrate and thus the concrete roof of each tower has Xypex as part of the waterproofing solution. Additional areas within the basements including the lift cores, the -3 level basement slab and wall areas, have all been treated with Xypex waterproofing products. Due to the simplicity of the Xypex system, it was used as an Admix within traditionally cast concrete and post tensioned concrete, whilst Xypex Concentrate and Patch’n Plug were used as a remedial solution to areas of the adjacent existing structure that required a solution to stop water flow. 

    The final area that Xypex was used in prior to hand over was the additional attenuation tanks that were required within the basement. The tanks were designed to BS:8110 and then made watertight with Xypex Admix.
    Water Treatment Plants

    Orpington Water Treatment Plant

    Orpington Upon completion of this newly constructed water treatment tank, substantial cracking occurred in the walls. The cracks were treated with Xypex Concentrate and re-profiled with Xypex Patch'n Plug. Xypex Concentrate and Modified were then applied. Further inspection has shown no further leakage.
    General Construction Foundation

    Paradise Street

    Liverpool As a major part of Liverpool’s regeneration prior to its year as the European capital of culture in 2008, the Paradise Street area was high priority and very much in the public eye. Over 1,000 m2 of concrete placed in the slab and the walls was waterproofed using Xypex Admix. Project specific joint details were designed for ‘pile cap to slab’ and ‘ground beam to slab’ joints, where Xypex Concentrate was used as both a slurry coat and a dry-pac.
    General Construction Foundation

    Picktree Court

    Chester Le Street To reduce the number of joints and so lower the risk of any water ingress, the client was looking to place the 1,602 m2 of waterproof concrete required for basement in the largest pours practical. The use of Xypex Admix reduced the number of vertical joints by half over that required by the original specified waterproofing. Being able to place the concrete in bigger pours also reduced the contractor's time on site along with all the associated costs. Xypex waterproofs the lift pits, basement slab, basement walls, the ring beam and all the joints.
    General Construction Foundation

    Play Golf

    Kilmarnock The consulting engineers specified Xypex Admix for the all of the retaining walls within the substructure to ensure a totally dry environment, whilst Xypex Concentrate was utilised as both a slurry coat and a Dry-Pac to seal the joints.
    General Construction Foundation

    Princes Street

    Doncaster Xypex Admix was used in the 2,400 m2 basement slab that was poured up to steel sheet piles, whilst a Xypex joint detail was specifically designed to allow for any shrinkage of the concrete slab away from the steel sheet piles.
    General Construction Foundation

    RBS Global HQ

    Gogarburn Various options were looked at with regard to the waterproofing of the in situ concrete as the different areas had different requirements of grades to BS 8102:1999. Car parking was to be a Grade 2 environment with all the other areas being enhanced to Grade 3 (a totally dry environment). Xypex was chosen for its ability to self seal cracks up to 0.4 mm – thus allowing pours of any size to go ahead. Not only was Xypex Admix waterproof concrete used in the substructure and the swimming pool but some of the Xypex remedial waterproofing products were used to eliminate water ingress problems where a membrane had failed.
    Marine Structures

    Rothesay Sea Defence

    Rothesay Southerly winds combined with a rising tide increase the flood tide and funnel water up the Firth of Clyde causing a tidal surge. This led to flooding on a 5-year cycle but, due to climate change, flooding now occurs nearly every year, meaning a solution was urgently required. Argyll & Bute council appointed consultants to design a solution; this involved the construction of a double wall with a maximum height of 1.5 m. To ensure the durability of the double stone faced wall, the in situ concrete infill utilised Xypex Admix as a waterproof system to protect the re-bar from corrosion in this harsh marine environment.
    General Construction Foundation

    Sainsbury’s Car Park – Lombardy Retail Park

    Hayes This ‘out-of-town’ retail park redevelopment required the car parking facilities to be changed from a ground floor car park to a multi-storey. The multi-storey car park design used waterproofing methods that meant there were numerous processes. A simpler solution was sort and Xypex Admix was selected to help ‘value engineer’ the waterproofing to one single process. Due to the unique abilities of the Xypex system, the placement of the car park deck could be reduced to just two procedures: installing the steelwork and placing the concrete.

    Xypex Admix C-1000 NF was used to ensure the concrete was completely waterproof over the composite deck. As Xypex places no restriction upon the contractor as to the size or aspect ratio of the pours, the concrete was placed in large bays between a proprietary movement joints.
    General Construction Foundation


    Worthing, West Sussex Xypex Admix was used in all water retaining and excluding structures as well as all basement areas as the sole defence. The process of application meant that the contractor had only to consider the placement of concrete allowing the crystalline matrix to form deep within the pores and capillaries to make the concrete watertight and durable within this harsh marine environment.

    Thames Tideway Tunnel

    Western Section, London The Thames Tideway Tunnel is London’s new “super sewer” running from Acton to Abbey Mills. It is being built to prevent millions of tonnes of pollution reaching the River Thames. Xypex was used within the west section of the tunnel and is the sole waterproofer for the Hammersmith Connection Tunnel. The western section runs from Acton in West London to Fulham in South West London and is constructed by the BAM Nuttall, Morgan Sindall and Balfour Beatty joint venture. The Waterproofing Challenge During the design phase, technical discussions were held between SMR Projects and Morgan Sindall Underground Professional Services the JV designers. This was to explore how Xypex’s Crystalline Technology could assist in reducing the permeability of the concrete. This was especially important across the construction joints. Trials were undertaken in conjunction with a ready mix company to establish how the crystalline technology behaved within the very specific mix design. In addition, this was to prove its water tightness over standard tunnel construction methods. A number of trials were set up using with and without Xypex products for a clear comparison. Successful Trials The trial results proved that the addition of Xypex Admix C-Series to the concrete gave the greatest protection against permeability. The growth of the crystals across the joint gave a seal in excess of what was thought possible.When tested across the 45 degree “day” joint, cores were taken through the joint in 3 axis to test for water permeability and the results were more than enough to confirm that this technology was superior. Change of Design The west section was originally planned to be constructed using a sprayed concrete primary liner and a cast in situ secondary liner with a waterproof membrane placed in between the two layers. The addition of Xypex Admix C-Series meant that following the trials, the stake holders were satisfied enough to remove the membrane in the Hammersmith connection tunnel. The benefits of Xypex Admix C-Series was in addition used throughout the whole of the west section. Added Benefits of Xypex The Xypex Admix C-Series waterproofed the concrete and the joints during the hydration period of the concrete. It also provided additional benefits over and above non-active pore blocking admixtures by having the ability of self-heal cracks up to 0.4 mm. 

    Furthermore, Xypex provides a significant further benefit for sewer projects – durability against many aggressive chemicals. 

    Microbial induced corrosion is common to sewage collection and wastewater treatment structures. Moreover, it is a challenge well known to engineers as they address the ever increasing demand for structures that will meet the growing demands of industry, the environment, economics, and the need for improved water supply and sanitation. 

    Xypex is proven in new sewage and wastewater treatment structures. It is excellent at handling chemical attack in severe biochemical conditions. 

    SMR Projects supplied 100,000 kilograms of Xypex Admix C-Series. This was used on the primary liner incorporated within the sprayed concrete, awaiting the secondary liner to be cast directly against it.

    The Channel Tunnel

    Folkestone Despite many years of problem free use, it became apparent that there was continuous water ingress within certain parts of the tunnel. After technical investigations and a full technical submittal by ourselves and discussions between all parties a decision was made to use Xypex post applied waterproofing materials to alleviate the leaks permanently. The solution was a combination of the products Xypex Patch'n Plug and Concentrate used in a variety of forms and applications.
    Water Holding Structures

    The Peak, Stirling Sports Village

    Stirling Xypex was specified by the consulting engineers for the waterproofing of the two swimming pools along with the balance tanks. Xypex Admix C-1000 NF was used to waterproof the concrete, whilst a project specific joint system was designed and implemented for all the construction joints, including the kicker.
    General Construction Foundation

    The Shard

    London The Shard, with its church steeple and cladded shards of glass, is the inspiration and design of Renzo Piano, the project’s architect. At 95-storeys and standing 309.6 metres (1,016 ft) high, The Shard (‘Shard of Glass’) is the tallest building in the UK – a top-down construction project that required the largest continuous concrete pour in UK history; three concrete pumps placed 700 truckloads over 36 hours; a total of 5,500 m. While the extremely thick basement slab did not require waterproofing, Xypex Admix was used to waterproof and protect other areas of the basement as well as the capping beams and lift pits on various floors. Xypex was also used to waterproof the Shangri-La Hotel swimming pool and spa area on the 52nd floor. In all, approximately 7,500 kg of Xypex material was used to treat 1,000 m3 of concrete.
    General Construction Foundation

    Trinity Square

    Gateshead Because Xypex has no restriction on pour size or shape, Xypex Admix was the contractor's chosen waterproofing solution for the basement of this new centrepiece development in Gateshead. Xypex Admix was also used to waterproof the 150 mm structural topping on the suspended car park deck, loading bay ramp and loading bay deck. Additionally, Xypex Admix was used to resolve waterproofing issues that manifested themselves during the construction program with a total of nearly 1,000 m3 of concrete with Xypex Admix being placed.
    General Construction Foundation

    Trinity Walk

    Wakefield Over 3,250 m of Xypex Admix was specified, across various areas including being used to protect the library to (BS 8102:1999) Grade 4 ‘Archive’ level of waterproofing. The retail, office area’s and the car park were all waterproofed to Grade 3 (BS 8102:1999) level of protection at a concrete thickness of only 150 mm.
    Precast Structures

    Water Supply Valve Chamber

    Hagley This valve chamber is built 12 metres (40 ft) below ground level in a location where the water table is consistently very high. Many previous attempts had been made to prevent water ingress, but the chamber continued to suffer flooding due to infiltration through the concrete. Individual leaks such as those isolated around pipe junctions were sealed with Xypex Patch'n Plug and Xypex Ultra Plug. All concrete surfaces (these were in poor condition with exposed aggregate) were then sprayed with Xypex Concentrate and Modified. Upon completion, the chamber was completely dry and later site inspections have confirmed the success of the Xypex treatment.
    General Construction Foundation

    Willis Building

    London At the time of construction the Willis Building was the fourth tallest building in the city. Its progressive environmental strategy surpasses statutory carbon reduction targets and meets the highest standards for sustainability. Over 15,000 m3 of concrete was used in its construction. 

    This 28-storey skyscraper, opposite Lloyd’s in the heart of London’s financial mile, is the new headquarters of the global insurance broker, Willis Group Holdings. Designed by world-renowned architects Foster + Partners, the building won the 2007 New City Architecture Award for its unique architectural form and contribution to the streetscape and skyscape of the City of London. The project is significant in both urban and environmental terms. Most of the material from demolition of the previous building was recycled and crushed for use in the 38-meter-deep foundations. Xypex Admix C-1000 NF was used to waterproof and protect the below-grade slab and elevator pits. Xypex Concentrate Dry-Pac was then installed in all floor-wall joints followed by a slurry coat application of Xypex Concentrate.
    General Construction Foundation

    Wimpey Homes

    Approximately 3,000 kg of Xypex Admix C-1000 NF was used on this prestigious development on the banks of the River Thames. Three large units were constructed, each with underground car parks. The floors and walls of each basement were poured with Admix added to the concrete. Between pours, 800 kg of Xypex Concentrate was applied to all cold joints.
    General Construction Foundation

    Worcester Library & Historic Centre (The Hive)

    Worcester The project involved developing a fully integrated public & university library, which was the first of its kind in the UK. With its distinctive gold coloured cladding & unique roof profile the building also became one of the world’s most sustainable buildings with a 50% reduction in carbon emissions, which helped it scoop the prestigious ‘Sustainable Project of the Year’ in the Building Awards 2013. 

    The basement level, which is in close proximity to the River Severn’s 100 year flood level holds the countries archive stores, with seven climate controlled storage rooms holding more than 26,000 records. 

    When there is a concrete thickness of 250 mm, Xypex Admix automatically produces a Grade 4 (BS:8102) ‘archive level’ of protection. For this reason Xypex Admix was the chosen waterproofing solution for all the archive areas in the structure. In addition Xypex Admix was used to waterproof the basement slabs, walls and podium deck. 

    To ensure complete integrity at the joints, Hydroswell Bentostrip was applied in conjunction with a slurry coat of Xypex Concentrate applied to the full width of the concrete joints, so sealing the joints for the entire thickness of the concrete to protect the reinforcing steel from potential degradation.


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